Shaker Cabinet Doors

Solid Wood Shaker Style Cabinet Doors Compliment This Brand-New Kitchen Remodel

Cherry Solid Wood Shaker Style Cabinet Door

Cherry Solid Wood Shaker Style Cabinet Door

Cherry Solid Wood Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

When planning this kitchen design Erika Johansson a kitchen designer had to pretty much start from scratch. The homeowner had recently purchased the home and the kitchen had been torn out by the previous homeowner. So the homeowner pretty much had a clean slate to work with as far as kitchen design. Although this may have sounded easier it actually did pose a few minor problems for the kitchen designer Erika Johansson. Some of the challenges she was up against was fitting all of the clients wish list into the confines of the kitchen space. Some of the dilemma was centered around the homeowners list of must-have appliances items such as a steam oven as well as a 30 inch full-size oven, gas cooktop, refrigerators, and freezer drawers. Due to the fact of the complexity of this project Erika Johansson decided to employ the services of a custom cabinet maker. By using a custom cabinet maker they could work closely with Mrs. Johansson in order to achieve the look that the homeowner desired.

An additional advantage of using a custom cabinet maker is that the materials that they use for your project will be of a much higher quality than those found in the big box stores. And since the homeowner wanted various built in appliances trying to find a prefabricated cabinet that these would fit into would be next to impossible. The homeowner liked the look and feel of a solid Wood Shaker style cabinet door so all of the kitchen cabinets on this project would be a solid wood Shaker style. An island was also added in the middle of the kitchen space and after much deliberation between the designer and the homeowner it was determined that the island would be a different color of solid wood Shaker style cabinet doors. Once all of the design details were worked out a plan was developed so that the custom cabinet maker could get started on creating all of the cabinets for this brand-new kitchen.

The homeowner opted to have the custom cabinet maker build all of the new kitchen cabinets out of a maple plywood material for all of the cabinet case parts and they used a cherry solid wood Shaker style cabinet door and drawer front for all of the cabinets. The island used a paint grade solid wood Shaker style cabinet door in the final color that was decided on was a matte finish charcoal black. The designer as well as the homeowner both liked the look of the contrasting island and the white marble top.


Acme Cabinet Doors Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker Style Cabinet Door Made From Poplar Wood

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Acme Cabinet Doors Timeless Shaker Designs Carry Through On to Today


Acme Cabinet Doors now offers Shaker style cabinet doors. The Shaker style cabinet door is named after the Shaker communities. The Shakers were well known for their high quality but yet simple furniture designs. Acme Cabinet Doors has carried the tradition into the custom cabinet door market by now supplying the finest interpretations of those early designs and developing a product this fits a wide array of custom cabinet applications. The Shaker style doors that they offer can be used for kitchen cabinet refacing projects, new custom cabinetry, cabinet door replacement, and even furniture repair.


Variations On The Shaker Design Make For A Unique Product


The recent addition of Shaker style cabinet doors to the Acme Cabinet Doors product line has been very popular among handymen contractors and homeowners alike. This particular style of custom cabinet door can be very affordable, simple, and beautiful when finished. Although the basic Shaker style cabinet door has generally used a flat center panel option Acme Cabinet Doors has taken it several steps further by offering this wonderfully simply cabinet door with a wide array of center panel options. The center panel options can be endless with most cabinet door designs and the Shaker style cabinet door is no different. One line of Shaker style cabinet door that Acme Cabinet Doors takes pride in providing is the Shaker style bead board cabinet door. This development of using a bead board center panel inside the basic frame of a Shaker style cabinet door is one that combines creativity, looks, and a solution for those seeking the clean lines of Shaker style cabinet doors but enjoy the look of beaded center panels.


Modern Day Materials Make Shaker Style Cabinet Doors Designs More Affordable


Acme Cabinet Doors newest take on the Shaker style door has brought with it a never ending plight to be able to supply these cabinet doors for the most affordable price available on the market today. That is why currently they are offering this style of cabinet door with an affordable poplar wood cabinet door frame in conjunction with an MDF composite center panel. This spectacular money saving combination is the answer to getting that painted Shaker style look in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of solid wood doors or even veneer center panel doors for that matter. The mix of the affordable center panel with the solidity and strength of a solid wood cabinet door frame is the perfect combination for strength and longevity. This hybrid mix of wood and composite materials makes it affordable and an ideal solution for handymen, home owners, contractors, and property maintenance companies that can offer a modern clean look at a fraction of the price of any other style of cabinet door.