Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet Door In Poplar Wood

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Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There is currently a great deal of talk on the internet regarding the best approach to replacing kitchen cabinet doors. Everything from hiring a professional to replace your kitchen doors, all the way to do it yourself solutions. There are a lot of way to simply repaint or in other words decorate the current cabinet doors you have. But if you are not happy with the way your kitchen cabinet doors look you can replace them very affordably. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors yourself can be relatively easy and very cost effective.

Measuring For Your New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The only thing you will have to do that is pretty critical is take accurate measurements. Mistakes in measuring can cost you time and money down the road. There is nothing wrong with taking that extra time to recheck all of your measurements to make sure they are accurate. A few things you will have to know during the measurement process are whether you will be keeping your current kitchen cabinet door hinges. There are numerous hinge overlays that will directly affect the cabinet door size.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Sizing

Another thing to consider is cabinet door sizing constraints. Not all cabinet door designs can be made below 6 to 8 inches in width. A lot of older homes have real narrow width cabinet doors. So keep in mind that beautiful new applied moulding, or raised panel cabinet door design you have your eye on may not be available in real narrow widths.

Real Wood Or Composite

You will have numerous choices when it comes to material selection for your new kitchen cabinet doors. If you will be painting your new kitchen doors you may want to consider a composite material such as MDF (medium density fiberboard). Although I wouldn’t recommend that the entire door be made from MDF as MDF does not hold up well along the edges. The better alternative is to use a solid wood cabinet door frame such as poplar, maple, or alder that has an MDF center panel. This is really the best of both worlds the durability of a solid wood cabinet door frame and the economy of an MDF center panel. If painted with care you will not be able to tell that the door has an MDF panel. If a wood stained finish is what you are after then the choice is simple you will want to go with a solid wood cabinet door. Inset or sometimes called recessed panel cabinet door can be built with a ¼ inch thick plywood center panel. This will allow a bit of savings over using an all solid wood panel.

Installing New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The actually installation of your new kitchen cabinet doors should be fairly straight forward. If you are using European style cabinet door hinges then you can really finish the job in a snap. A powered screwdriver or cordless drill would be highly recommended, depending on the size of your project there will be quite a few screws to install, not something you want to do manually. Once you have your new kitchen cabinet doors hung to the cabinet face frames you can fine tune the fit using the adjustment screws on the European hinges.


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