Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Unfinished Refacing Cabinet Doors

Unfinished Cabinet Doors For Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

When talking about kitchen remodeling, even more specifically kitchen cabinet replacement tremendous costs can pile up quickly. In some cases you may spend in upwards of over half of your kitchen remodeling budget just on the actual kitchen cabinets themselves. If this sounds all too much for you then you might want to consider refacing kitchen cabinets. This is something that has been proven to be very cost effective without all of the high expense and hassles that are commonly associated with entire kitchen remodeling. If your current kitchen has a layout that is functional and the cabinet boxes are in good enough condition consider refacing kitchen cabinets as an option.

Refacing Is More Cost Effective

In your standard kitchen remodeling scenario just about everything is removed, including the cabinet boxes leaving you with bare walls. If you are still living in the home during this remodeling phase you will find out very quickly how this can disrupt your daily life. Renovations this severe will typically require you to set up a temporary kitchen area somewhere else in the home. Sometimes this means even doing dishes in the garage or bathroom sink. Not only is this very costly and hidden costs add up very quickly but sometimes newer kitchen cabinets aren’t built quite as solid as the ones that are original to the home. In most cases cabinets that are original to the home were typically constructed but a custom cabinet maker for the builder and can be built from thicker more solid materials with full face frames. So in some cases is may actually be better to reface your kitchen cabinets than replacing them with low quality new cabinets.

Refacing Saves Remodeling Time

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be a very easy process that can be accomplished in a few days or a long weekend. Refacing kitchen cabinets cost only a fraction of what new cabinets cost not to mention all of the other associated costs, such as electrical, countertops flooring etc. After making the determination that your cabinet boxes are up to par for a kitchen cabinet reface you can then start picking out the door style that best fits your taste.

Consider Hiring A Professional Refacing Company Or Do It Yourself

At this phase you may consider hiring a cabinet refacing professional to carry out the reface. But keep in mind this too can get very expensive. We have seen in some cases kitchen cabinet refacing climb upwards in price to that of entire kitchen remodeling. So if you are going to use a pro do some shopping around. Now refacing kitchen cabinets can certainly be a do it yourself project if you have the time, tools, and basic remodeling skills. The amount of money you will save by refacing kitchen cabinets yourself will be significant.

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